Thyroid disorders

The thyroid gland produces the hormones responsible for metabolism. This means that it influences the whole process from the absorption of food to obtaining the energy and substances necessary for the development, growth and proper functioning of the organism. Thyroid dysfunction affects the development of the whole organism. Its function controls the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland.

Thyroid disease is always accompanied by metabolic disorders. To start the whole organism, is always useful to start its regeneration with the cleansing of the intestines.

If there is not enough iodine in the body, the thyroid gland produces insufficient amounts of hormones, it starts to grow (this results in so-called goitre) or signs of a disease from reduced (hypothyroidism) or increased (hyperthyroidism) function of the gland appear.

Symptoms of thyroid disease

Decreased thyroid activity:

  • lack of energy, slow thinking
  • weight gain without cause
  • susceptibility to cold
  • tingling or numbness in hands and fingers
  • dry, rough, peeling skin and hair loss
  • constipation
  • stronger and longer menstrual bleeding
  • sometimes goitre – swelling at the front of the neck

Increased thyroid activity:

  • weight loss, even if you eat more than before
  • shaky hands
  • increased blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, sweating
  • swollen and watery eyes
  • frequent urgency to have a bowel movement
  • weak or omitting menstruation
  • sometimes goitre – swelling at the front of the neck

Thyroid inflammation:

  • pain in the front of the neck- may be moderate or sharp
  • pain when swallowing or turning the head
  • fever

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