Even though, I suffered from various thyroid disorders, the pumpkin oil prof. Turianica has already helped me twice. The first problem with the thyroid gland occurred during the first pregnancy when I went to gynecologist for a blood draw and he found a low level of hormone.

I immediately began to use the oil prof. Turianica which modified this hormone level and subsequently I continued without any treatment by the endocrinologist. In 2014 I was pregnant for the second time and again with thyroid problems but this time it was autoimmune thyroid inflammation with hormones in the norm. After giving birth I started breastfeeding and breastfed my daughter for 14 months during which time hormone levels began to decrease and the endocrinologist no longer hesitated and started treatment with L-Thyroxin 75 (once a day). But again I did not want to let go of pumpkin oil prof. Turianica and I decided not to start treatment with L-Thyroxine at my own risk.

Despite the fact that hormones’ level did not increase fast and endocrinologist increased my dose of medication (which I still did not use), the hormone level changed to normal after breast-feeding. After the last checkup (with the ideal blood results) I admitted I did not take the medication but every morning I use the tablespoon of pumpkin oil prof. Turianica. I currently have hormones in the norm and I am without any synthetic treatment and any subjective negative feelings associated with thyroid disorder.

Vladimíra, 36 y.r.