I have problems with the thyroid gland so I was looking for another option to modify the hormone levels and the doctor told me that nothing other than prescription drugs could work. Well, I did not want to stop looking for alternatives as my husband and I had a strong desire to have a baby. After I started taking Fortuna Vitae I did not only feel better (I was calmer, my breathing improved, I was fitter) but I also managed to get pregnant even though the gynecologist had slightly modified my hormones. Now we are beginning to think about the second baby and the doctor told me that it all seems well and I might be able to get pregnant without a hormonal treatment. For me and my husband this is the most amazing elixir which makes us not only husband and wife but we can now call ourselves a family.

We thank everyone who has been involved in the development as well as the distribution of this product.

Magdaléna, 30 y.r.