I want to share my experience with oil from prof. Turianica. A period full of stress and demanding changes has made me feel tired, depressed, and totally discomforted. I made an appointment with endocrinologist who immediately wanted me take some medications. I have a great respect for medicine, yet I do not think it is right to treat every illness with drugs. I wanted to try something more gentle and especially without side effects. I found out about the oil prof. Turianica and I gave it a try.

Well, what is my experience? In addition to having a great flavour, it has excellent effects. I used 3 bottles in a row and all went back to normal. In addition to thyroid values, it significantly improves mental well-being, adjusts appetite, improves sleep (its length and quality). Its effects persuaded me and since then I have been spending at least 1 – 2 months of preventive treatment every year.

I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Thanks a lot.

Erika, 45 y.r.