Iodine deficiency

The lack of iodine in our natural food chain causes thyroid disorders. It’s inappropriate function enables the development of other related diseases. In Central Europe we are talking about so-called Environmental iodine deficiency. This is due to the lack of natural sources of iodine.

Iodine is contained in many foods, most probably in fish and seaweed. So we can say that if we eat enough fish and algae then it will make it all right. Yes, it sounds good, but it has one flaw. Are we used to the same dinner menu with a lot of fish and sea animals as are others in the sea areas? We are not. And here’s the whole mystery. We can compare it to the fact that if we have a petrol driving car and we find out that it is not as good as we want, we can supply the car with a jet fuel. You probably know the effect. If we started eating a large amount of seafood today, we would be surprised to be overwhelmed with iodine, which is extremely dangerous. Thus, we can say that no iodine is like iodine. We have already indicated that we know two forms of organic or inorganic iodine.

In the 1950s, the lack of iodine in food began to be replaced by iodination of the salt. This has greatly reduced cretinism in newborns. Other diseases related to iodine deficiency have also been restricted.

In recent years, however, illnesses associated with malfunction of the thyroid gland have returned. Yes, you are reading correctly. This is not because of the lack of iodine that we are trying to complement today. Incorrect activity of the thyroid gland is due to overload caused by stress, tension, emotional strain and a lot of information.

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