Hello my name is Nikoleta. I live in Bratislava and I want to share my experience with this miraculous oil.

Less than 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with thyroid hypofunction. I used to feel abnormally bad because the hormones really did what they wanted. I do not wish that to happen to anyone. Physicians, of course, started my treatment with Euthyrox hormones, first small doses, then the amount was increasing and I listened to them blindly. I think doctors treat it.

as if on an assembly line. When I started to feel the unpleasant effects of hormones I told the doctor and I stopped taking them. In his opinion that was unacceptable. I found out exactly what hypofunction means and I found it to be a lack of iodine in the body. My friend recommended your oil. Although, it is quite expensive, health is priceless. She recommended me to try it and so I did.

I went to the doctor for a checkup and I admitted I was not taking hormones. I was not surprised by her reaction. She did not want to hear anything about it. I continued to use your oil and went to check with another doctor. And the diagnosis? Treatment is not necessary!!!!

And all because of my determination and your oil. I would like to thank you for this opportunity and for solving my health issue through natural treatment. I would like to say to everyone who is afraid that he should try natural treatment first before he begins to pour the chemicals called DRUGS into his body. Thank you.

Nikoleta, 30 y.r.