Fortuna Vitae – original professor Turianica

Organically bound iodine in pumpkin oil

Fortuna Vitae – a unique natural product, one of the world’s largest discoveries in biochemistry, awarded and recognized by top professionals from Cambridge International School (UK) and protected by the patent of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic for its unique ability to address iodine deficiency in the human body. The basis for the proper functioning of the human body is the assumption that the thyroid gland has enough iodine to provide all the processes and movements in our body.

Fortuna Vitae characteristics: 

  • It is the only safe preparation suitable for thyroid gland disorders such as hypothyroidism (thyroid gland with reduced function) hyperthyroidism (thyroid gland with increased function), goitre, thyroid inflammation and other…
  • Prevents the formation and development of cardiovascular diseases and stroke
  • Effectively prevents diseases such as osteopenia and osteoporosis (can improve osteoporosis status by up to 2 degrees)
  • Effectively reinforces bone tissue, improves calcium and phosphorus involvement in tooth enamel
  • It is an effective means of solving ecologically conditioned iodine deficiency
  • It is an effective protection against X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, etc.
  • It is an effective rescue of the organism under the conditions of a nuclear power plant accident
  • It positively influences work capacity, physiological length of life and intellectual population capacity
  • It is an adequate source of antioxidants

Fortuna Vitae ensures:

  • correct course of pregnancy and fetal development
  • the efficiency of energy metabolism
  • stimulation of the immune system, defense of the organism and its resistance to adverse effects of the surrounding environment
  • improvement of physical fitness, performance, overall mental status, mental balance, and thus quality and life expectancy

Fortuna Vitae regulates:

  • detoxification processes of metabolism products
  • cell renewal, tissue repair, physiological stability and performance
  • metabolism of proteins, fats, sugars, minerals and water
  • greatly slows the cell aging process

Fortuna Vitae increases:

  • the ability to defend the immune system
  • energy metabolism efficiency
  • intellectual abilities
  • quality of life and mental balance

FORTUNA VITAE original prof. Turianica

Pumpkin seed oil with active organically bound iodine

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… the life of a man with a damaged thyroid gland is sad. My husband had always trouble with sweating, tiredness, snoring and it became impossible to stand it. It was a great deal of suffering for both of us.

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Andrea, 36 y.o.

I have problems with the thyroid gland so I was looking for another option to modify the hormone levels and the doctor told me that nothing other than prescription drugs could work. Well, I did not want to stop looking for alternatives as my husband and I had a strong desire to have a baby.

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Magdalena, 30 y.o.

I am very grateful to have found your website. Every month I order this amazing oil which is my elixir of life. Even a doctor is surprised to have good thyroid gland results.

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Emma, 59 y.o.