Fortuna Vitae – effects

Fortuna Vitae has beneficial effects on the functioning of the entire body, and this works best if the proper functioning of the entire endocrine system, including the thyroid gland, is ensured.

We can compare the thyroid gland to a general manager of a big business. If the thyroid gland has converted and stored organic iodine in sufficient quantities, then it can ensure proper running of other glands with internal secretion – thymus, pancreas, pineal gland, ovaries, testicles, adrenal glands and also liver. In addition, proper functioning of the thyroid gland with the guarantee of optimal hormonal regulation of metabolism is virtually impossible under conditions of ecologically-conditioned iodine deficiency. That’s why our unique Fortuna Vitae nutritional supplement is the best source of active organically bound iodine.

Fortuna Vitae performs an adaptive function (in terms of iodine intake) and also promotes the production of hormones needed to regulate and check the accuracy of all biochemical and physiological processes responsible for health and its protection.

Effects Fortuna Vitae:

  • normalizes thyroid function
  • it is the prevention of stroke, heart attack, civilization diseases including cancer, cysts and myomas
  • prevents the formation of osteoporosis and osteopenia and it is effective in the already developed disease
  • improves the involvement of calcium in bones and tooth enamel
  • effectively solves ecologically-conditioned iodine deficiency
  • protects the organism from the formation and accumulation of free radicals, as well as cell and tissue damage
  • improves liver detoxification
  • acts favorably on the nervous system (hair, nails, skin)
  • improves memory, physical performance, response time, eliminates fatigue
  • increases the working capacity of the organism, ensures mental balance
  • ensures proper brain development in children, high intellect in children and adults
Fortuna Vitae is effective in all thyroid gland disorders and enables it to regenerate. This is primarily about hypofunction and thyroid hyperfunction.

Fortuna vitae is also effective in case of usage of synthetic hormones, see dosage.

FORTUNA VITAE original prof. Turianica

Pumpkin seed oil with active organically bound iodine

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… the life of a man with a damaged thyroid gland is sad. My husband had always trouble with sweating, tiredness, snoring and it became impossible to stand it. It was a great deal of suffering for both of us.

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Andrea, 36 y.o.

I have problems with the thyroid gland so I was looking for another option to modify the hormone levels and the doctor told me that nothing other than prescription drugs could work. Well, I did not want to stop looking for alternatives as my husband and I had a strong desire to have a baby.

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Magdalena, 30 y.o.

I am very grateful to have found your website. Every month I order this amazing oil which is my elixir of life. Even a doctor is surprised to have good thyroid gland results.

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Emma, 59 y.o.