In short, I will sum up my story to share my experience with Fortuna Vitae.

It all started in 2013 when my body said enough and it affected my mental health. It was a sudden change. I started to feel anxious. I had the terrible fear of almost everything- going out of the house, staying alone in the house, going to the shopping center, fearing people, etc .. Suddenly, my brain was making an unexplained chemical reactions at any time. The symptoms were terrible- darkness in front of my eyes, strong heartbeat, cold sweat, shaking,

hand tingling sensation, hyperventilation and so on. I first went to look for help in classical medicine which only offered the medications for the rest of my life. I was looking for another path, a drug-free path. I found it. I discovered the Health Center. I met amazing people who gave me hope and they could help me. Using the One Brain method and Fortuna Vitae oil relaxed my mind. Thanks to the oil the fear was almost gone. I felt a relaxation of mind, balance. After some time I’ve begun to live a normal life again! In this life style I’d recommend using Fortuna Vitae as a prevention and thus to provide the body with the strength to fight stress. Thank you very much to Jaro and Majka for taken care of me!

Lili., 27 y.r.