My problems started 4 years ago. Fatigue, exhaustion, coldness, vision impairment, intense pins and needles in the left chest and breasts, sharp, sometimes mild pain in the front of the neck associated with mild swelling. Initially, I attributed the stress and my immunodeficiency that I have been struggling with for years to work. When the pain did not pass, I reached for the help to gynecologist who recommended to visit the breast clinic of the oncology institute. What was my surprise when I learned there that all these problems are diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease and so it was suggested to me to visit an endocrinologist. He told me that this illness is not usually treated, and I’m going to have to come in for a checkup in six months. I did not want to give up trying. Surfing on the internet I discovered the Fortuna Vitae site and read everything about this nutritional product. I also had a look at Mrs Bozenky’s review with the same diagnosis. I have used the advice that this site offers and now I have been looking forward to my results.


Life happiness in the form of pumpkin oil with Professor Turianica was my luck. I’ve been using it for three years now. My half-year visits to endocrinologists have changed to annual visits and the last blood tests were in the norm. I feel much better. I’m not so exhausted and tired anymore. Also, the results from the immunologist are no longer on the edge and the increased defenses of my organism have caused me not to be always sick. Physically and mentally I feel a significant improvement. And the most importantly, intensive neck and breasts pricking has gradually moved away, as well as swelling, even though I still have some tough days. My dentist was also pleased as she does not have to fill the bits of tooth enamel after the breakage in the last 2 years. So my thanks goes to this pumpkin oil which I will remain faithful to.

Iveta, 47 y.r.